One-On-One Life Coaching

I am committed to supporting the “whole woman”. Each program is structured to meet the individual needs of my clients. We all deal with similar challenges, struggles and opportunities in our lives. However, I work to ensure that your life coaching program is designed to meet your specific needs, goals and blesses you with the transformation you are seeking.



“I know I need to make a change, and I need to do it NOW. I am stressed out, fed up and dissatisfied with my life and I need to make some major changes and soon. My stress is beginning to significantly impact my health. I know I deserve more out of life. I feel lost and need to find more purpose. I am ready to do everything I can to live the life God has for me.”

This is the option is for the woman with a real sense of urgency. She is fed up with the stress, overwhelm and dissatisfaction she feels on a daily basis. She feels the “The Burnout Factor” creeping into her life and will do anything to stop it. She is ready to fast-track significant improvements in her career, personal life, family, health, and relationships. She is ready to live a true life of purpose. She has to make a change and now! She is dealing with some urgent issues she desperately needs to address – and soon.

  • Three 60-Minute Consultations/Month (Skype, Facetime or Phone)
  • One 15-Minute Check-Ins/Month (via Phone)
  • Accountability Emails
  • Personalized Self-Assessment(s)
  • Expedited Soul Restoration Plan (3 – 5 “Pillars”)
  • Recommended Daily Practices and Reading Resources
  • Individualized Meditation and Prayer Support



“I am in the midst of real burnout in all aspects of my life. I am extremely dissatisfied personally and professionally. Between all of my responsibilities at work and home, I rarely have time just for myself. My stress level is beginning to take a real toll on my body and my health. I’m worried if I don’t make a change, things will only get worse. I am determined to not be in the same place a year from now. I am committed to making real sustainable change for my future. I have to change my life and I need help doing so.”

This is the most in-depth program with the greatest impact and results. This option is for the woman who is ready to dramatically change every aspect of her life - professionally and personally - and is seeking long-term support to make this change stick. She is in the midst of  “The Burnout Factor”. She is exhausted and overwhelmed by everything that comes with her life and severely struggling to balance it all. We partner together to develop a long-term plan for professional and personal sustainability and ensure staying power!

  • Four 60-Minute Consultations/Month (Skype, Facetime or Phone)
  • Two 15-Minute Check-Ins/Month (Phone)
  • Accountability Emails
  • Text Support
  • Personalized Self-Assessment(s)
  • Sustainable Soul Restoration Plan (All 7 “Pillars”)
  • Recommended Daily Practices and Reading Resources
  • Individualized Meditation and Prayer Support

Saving Superwoman Retreats

The Saving Superwoman Retreat is designed to enable groups of women to come together to step back from their lives and making themselves the priority. We spend purposed time taking the weight of the world of your shoulders and build you up from the inside out. Retreats are conducted both in individual homes for a more intimate experience and off-site locations. Each retreat is tailored to meet the individual needs of the women participating. Potential activities and topics include:


Retreat Topics

“What’s Really Holding Me Back from Living the Life I Want?”
“Creating A Morning Routine That Sustains Your Soul”
“Exactly How Do I Get Everything Done In 24 Hours?”
“Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something? Are You Listening?”
“What Does It Really Mean to Love and Accept Myself?”
“Get Your Joy Back: How To Infuse More Joy Into Your Daily Life”
“The Gift of Forgiveness – How To Move Past The Pain of the Past”
“How Can I Strengthen My Relationships With The Ones I Love?”
“The 3 Secret Weapons of Weight Loss”


Nurturing Activities 

7 Pillars of Soul Restoration

7 Daily Practices for Greater Peace and Balance

Mindfulness and Meditation

Yoga and Physical Nurturing

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Gratitude Journaling

Personal Mission Statements

“I Am” Affirmations


Ready to bring you and your girlfriends together for a time to getaway from life? Let's host a Saving Superwoman Retreat!

This Is Your Time...

ARE YOU READY TO PARTNER TOGETHER TO END “THE BURNOUT FACTOR” IN YOUR LIFE?  Contact me at or 872-223-5675 to schedule time for us to connect!