April L. Ervin is Founder and Chief Peace Officer of Sustainable Leadership, LLC – a leadership development and executive coaching consulting firm, dedicated to sustaining effective leadership and healthy organizational cultures. The core mission of the firm is to address the current culture of imbalance, turnover, dysfunction and toxicity and prompt a paradigm shift towards a culture of peace, healing, balance and sustainability

With more than 15 years of education and nonprofit leadership experience, April intimately knows the opportunities and challenges these leaders face. Like far too many leaders, she spent many years working to the point of exhaustion sacrificing self for the sake of mission. She supports her clients see there is another way. That it is possible to serve your purpose AND live a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life.

April has a substantive background in leadership development, nonprofit management, capacity building, strategic planning, project management, fundraising, organizational and operational management. She is an avid believer that a more holistic approach to leadership development will have a transformative impact on the state of education across this country.

April received her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and MBA from the University of Michigan. She is a highly sought-out speaker and facilitator helping leaders achieve their missions while also creating sustainable organizations.

Core consulting support includes:

  • Executive Transformation Coaching
  • Leadership Team Professional Development
  • Organizational Health Assessments
  • Board Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Crises Management