Using My Journey to Bless Others

Through Saving Superwoman I AM dedicated to bringing greater peace and healing to the lives of women around the world. After more than 20 years of attempting to be “superwoman”, God prompted several monumental shifts in my life to help me understand there is only one Savior and it was not me. After a series of significant health issues the Lord healed my body in unimaginable ways. I AM literally a walking miracle and a present example that God’s Word never changes – He promised to “forgive all of our sins and heal all of our diseases”. The Lord did just that for me and along with way blessed me to lose over 100 lbs. in a natural, healthy way. After a financial storm that caused me to lose all of my material possessions, the Lord blessed me to learn what it means to live a life of abundance and be a good steward of His financial blessings. This summer I will share my full journey in her first book: “Saving Superwoman: My Journey of Losing It all for the Restoration of My Soul.”

The Lord stepped in and transformed my life in 7 core areas: Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Nutritionally, Financially and Sexually. Through my journey with the Lord I emerged God’s complete and perfect creation. Perfection not in man’s eyes but in the eyes of My Heavenly Father. Being blessed to have my entire life completely transformed,  I have dedicated my ministry to helping other women be blessed with the same.

I provide private one-on-one coaching, group coaching and conduct Saving Superwoman Retreats. All with the purpose of helping my clients learn what it took me decades for her to learn: God never intended for us to live unhealthy, unhappy, hectic, chaotic, stressful lives – but joyful, peaceful, happy, calm, contented lives of purpose. Most importantly that it is really is ok to put YOURSELF FIRST. To know the true meaning unconditional love and the first love after God must be LOVE OF SELF.

If you are ready to live the life you truly deserve let's connect. I would love to help you along your journey of receiving God’s best in every aspect of your life. YOU MOST Certainly DESERVE IT!

Hear more about my journey from a recent Podcast interview with another powerful woman of God: My Journey of God's Restoration


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Are you ready to receive the peace and healing you deserve? Are you ready to end "The Burnout Factor" in your life? If so, let's connect. Through God's grace I am blessed to live a level of peace, healing and balance I could have never imagined. It's time for you to do the same!